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Beaded Fingerless Mitts

beaded mitts 1


100g DK yarn

4.0mm hook

166 x 6/0 beads
Thread 88 beads onto yarn
Chain 40
*DC 4, skip 1. Rep from * (32 sts)
*1 round DC, 1 round dtc. Rep from * 3 times
1 round DC

*5tc in 1 stitch, skip 3, bead. Rep from *
Following round place fan in bead stitch.
Round 7 of fan & bead pattern – Chain 5, skip one bead space, bead (thumb hole). Continue pattern for a further 4 rounds.

Bobble Edging:
Round 1: DC
Round 2 – With WRONG SIDE FACING. *ss, yarn round hook, insert hook in next DC, yarn round hook, pull back through (4 loops), yarn round hook, pull through 2 loops (2 loops), yarn round, insert in SAME stitch, yarn round, pull back through (4 loops), yarn round, pull back through all 4 loops. Rep from *

If any errors are found, please let me know.